Game betting has never been easier with Alea

Alea is a Solana-based gaming hub, home of our provably-fair dice gaming Dapp which allows individuals to initially place bets that will be in units of SOL



A provably-fair Solana-based dice gaming application

The various characteristics that make Alea stand out from the crowd are:

  • Support all assets listed on SRM dex.
  • Transparent source code.
  • No deposits.
  • No sign-ups.
  • Intuitive web-based user interface.
  • Competitively low house edge.
  • Immediate burn of profits.
  • Immediate payouts.


The first SOL dice-based

game ever to exist

Provably fair, with low house edge (1%), auditable public code, governance, and burning mechanism with all the revenue generated.

Token holders will be able to create proposals by staking a number of tokens. if it passes, they get the stake back, if not the tokens will get burned.
A vote requires more than 60% of the tokens to vote in favor to pass. This parameter might get changed via a proposal.
60% of the fees generated from any other game will be used to purchase and burn the existing tokens on the market.


Token Sale

  • Token name:Alea Token
  • Ticker Symbol:$ALEA
  • Sale Hardcap:1,875 ETH
  • Sale Softcap:950 ETH
  • 1 ETH =16.2 Alea
  • Minimum Purchase:There's no minimum
General description

Alea will be released on the basis of SOL and fully support all assets listed on SRM dex.

We'll reward our supporters by burning Alea using 60% of the fees generated.

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 60,750

  • 25% Total Team Token (Vested until February 2023, Released Monthly after Public Sale)
  • 25% Marketing & Expenses
  • 12.5% Liquidity Pool
  • 12.5% Game Pools
  • 25% Liquidity Allocation


Frequently Asked Questions

To be determined.

Yes, immediately after the sale an Uniswap pool will be locked to secure liquidity

Yes, we’ll do airdrops of Alea to liquidity suppliers for the first 3 months.

Initially SOL, then SRM and then other SLP tokens listed on SRM Dex.

Yes, we plan to be on constant development of new games, as well as other methods of gambling, like sports betting, etc.

There was no private sale, we will be hosting our only sale on a date soon to be determined.

We are considering a Gibraltar Gambling License as we want to work hand on hand with regulators on pushing blockchain innovation.




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